1. LIKES AND INTERESTS. Instead of using ´I like´ all the time, opt for one of
these structures:

I am keen on…
I am fond of…
I am a fan of…
I am interested in…
I love…
I like nothing more than…
What really interests me is…

2. ASKING FOR OPINION. Do not overuse ´What do you think?´. There are
plenty of other ways to find out what your partner thinks.

What are your views?
What is your opinion?
What do you reckon?
Do you agree with me?
How do you feel about this?
What are your thoughts on this?

3. MAKING SUGGESTIONS. Imagine that you want to invite your friend to the
cinema. Here are some different structures you could use:

What about going to the cinema?                                         What about + verb+ing
Shall we go to the cinema?                                                     Shall we + bare infinitive
We could go to the cinema, couldn´t we?                            We could + bare infinitive
Why don´t we go to the cinema?                                           Why don´t we + bare infinitive
Let´s go to the cinema!                                                            Let´s + bare infinitive


Absolutely! I agree with you.                                                 I can´t agree with that.
I couldn´t agree more.                                                             I don´t think so.
You´re right.                                                                              I´m afraid I disagree.
Definitely!                                                                                  I´m not so sure about that.
Sure!                                                                                            I totally disagree.
That´s true.


In my opinion
I suppose
I reckon
From my point of view
As far as I am concerned